Texana Ranch Off Road



Rounds 5 & 6 of the Texas State Series at Lake Mackenzie had to be cancelled due to rain. Thanks to The Texana Ranch eleven of us managed to have a great weekend of riding anyway. Thank you Carl for letting the trials riders ride at the ranch for the weekend, we all had a great time riding, camping and hanging out bench racing. Wayne Brannon.

This is what a couple of the guests had to say. 

Wanted to thank the Landowner for letting us ride at the ranch. I am still sore from break dancing in the dirt. Had a good time watching real trials riders and enjoying the scenery. What a great place to ride. Thanks again. Roy.




Hey everybody,
  Although we were bummed we didnít get to ride the Lake MacKenzie event, we had a really great time riding The Texana Ranch again.  Kerry, Wayne and his wife, BJ, Joe, Roy, Kim McCandlessness, Larry Doyle and his wife, John Armour, my 2 older boys, and I rode deep into the ranch Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Kerry loaded up his bike and all of our fuel jugs into his truck Saturday and drove way back into some of the coolest places Iíve seen to ride a bike so we all could just return and refuel and keep exploring.  Those of you who were fortunate enough to ride the State Series event a month ago there, ainít seen nothing yet.  The scenery and really hugh canyons will make you pee yourself.  The owner there has his guys clearing all of this awesomeness so we and others who bleed crude can enjoy his property.  Big thanks to Wayne and Kerry for doing a great job of respecting the property and making sure the landowner doesnít regret his all of his generosity.  Iím telling you, these guys are working hard for all of us.  A HUGHEST THANKS to the property owners, Carl Beal and the Beal family, for providing an awesome place to play.  Iím 100% sure my 2 boys will never forget the awesome fun weekend we all had riding our bikes at the Texana Ranch.  Check out what Wayne put together at www.texanaoffroad. com.  Next time we ride there, you need to make sure you make it out so you can pee yourself as well.

Ben Dalgleish